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January 2, 2013

Pole Dance Fitness Freestyling Tips

As an instructor, I hear from students quite often that they have trouble freestyling because they don’t know what to do.  Practice is probably the easiest answer to that, but I wanted to give everyone some freestyling tips from how I learned and improved.

Studio 3sixT Pole Dance Fitness

Studio 3sixT in Denver, CO Pole Dance Fitness

1.  Pick a song you can really get into

2.  Think about what style of pole dance you want it to be…slow, sexy, fast, contemporary, full of powerful tricks, etc

3.  Pick three different pole dance spins and/or tricks you have perfected and want to incorporate

4.  Start from different positions like on the floor, pole, wall, etc

5.  Look at yourself in the mirror when you can or even better, VIDEO!  This will help you see what the audience sees from multiple angles and help improve your movement

Freestyling is a very important part of pole dance fitness.  It helps with your overall movement, endurance and flow.  It also helps you to form your own, unique dance style so have fun with it!

October 9, 2012

First Post and Some Fitness Tips to Get You Started

Jen and her AyshaWelcome to the Studio 3sixT blog! Here are some fitness tips: pole dancing burns calories but don’t forget that you need to fuel your body. Eating small meals 5-6 times per day boosts metabolism. Pole dancing also builds strength! Building lean muscle burns more calories while at rest which helps you lose weight. Come see us soon and let us help kickstart your fitness regimen in a fun way!