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…has a diverse fitness background and loves to try new things. In addition to mountain biking, snowboarding, playing volleyball, soccer, and lifting weights, Jen found pole dance fitness in 2009 and has been addicted ever since. She enjoys teaching all levels of pole but her favorite is the crazy advanced tricks! She loves teaching students and being a part of their excitement as they learn a new trick. Jen also enjoys being a part of the pole dance community, bringing women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds together. Jen successfully completed the Level 1 and 2 X-Pert Pole Fitness Instructor Training Program in April of 2012, sponsored by X-Pole and Crunch Gyms. Come take a class with Jen and you’ll have a great time while working your booty off…literally!





…has always loved to dance and has done so on and off throughout her life, but it was in 2005 that Missie fell in love when she discovered aerial pole dancing! Pole dance fitness allows you to reconnect with yourself and it will change your mind, body and soul in ways you couldn’t imagine. Missie has been teaching pole dance fitness since April 2008 and also currently dances with Belle Femme Performing Dance Company, under the artistic direction of Allison Brown. Missie also has experience in classic burlesque, contemporary burlesque, hula hoop, go-go, fabric and belly dance, but her specialty is in pole and sensual dance. Missie successfully completed the Level 1 and 2 X-Pert Pole Fitness Instructor Training Program in April of 2012, sponsored by X-Pole and Crunch Gyms.

Missie promises to give you a challenging but fun workout while at the same time building your confidence and making you feel beautiful and sexy! Not to mention, how many times in your life do you get the chance to be sexy WHILE sweating…well, in public at least!





…attended her first pole dance fitness class in February of 2009 hoping to add some variety to her everyday gym routine, and has been addicted ever since!  Her new found passion for pole dance fitness enticed her to begin training in a variety of other dance classes off the pole, including belly dance, ballet, hip hop, gogo, and flexibility/contortion.  She began teaching pole dance fitness in 2010 and has loved watching this exhilarating and artistic sport change women’s bodies, attitude, and confidence.  Xiaohui successfully completed the Level 1 and 2 X-Pert Pole Fitness Instructor Training Program in April of 2012, sponsored by X-Pole and Crunch Gyms.  With no prior dance or gymnastics background, Xiaohui loves that everyone and anyone can try and succeed at pole dance fitness and see themselves in a whole new way!

Join Xiaohui for any one of her flexibility, dance, or beginner to advanced level pole dance fitness classes and get addicted!





…has been dancing since she was 3.  Her mom was a professional ballerina and would take Ashley to her classes.  By high school Ashley was a principal dancer for a dance company that was known for their sexy style.

Five years ago Ashley’s love for a sexy style of dance lead her to her 1st pole dance class.  As a massage therapist and exercise therapist Ashley brings knowledge of the body and injury prevention to pole & floor work classes.





pole dance fitness Studio 3sixT instructor bio …was born and raised in beautiful Colorado. In April 2012 she discovered pole dancing. She was hooked after her first class and has been dancing ever since. Pole has strengthened her mentally and physically and she hopes to share similar experiences with her students. Becoming an instructor has given Jaslee a fresh perspective on what it means to be a student. She is inspired every day by her fellow pole dancers and loves to see her students learn and grow!





Picture…began dancing in elementary school but didn’t truly discover her passion for dance until college.  She danced with the Dance Guild at Calvin College while attending classes during the summer in Denver at Off Broadway Academy of Dance.  After college, Kristen began performing with the company as well as teaching classes at OBAD.  During this time she took classes with Brian Freedman, Mia Michaels and Mandy Moore.  In 2010, Kristen discovered Zumba® and has been teaching ever since.  In 2011, while taking a Zumba class at Studio 3sixT, she also fell in love with pole dancing.

Kristen is also a bilingual (Spanish) kindergarten teacher that enjoys traveling to her second “home” (Costa Rica) in her spare time.




Picture…Linda, aka Lashes, is a first generation American, born and raised in San Francisco’s Mission district. She inherited her love of dance from her Mother and at the age of five started dancing Salsa, without formal training, on Cinco de Mayo parade floats in elaborate costumes. She dabbled in different forms of dance throughout her life but never committed to anything for an extended period of time. She has also always been a fitness junkie and grew up playing a variety of competitive sports. With her love of dance and fitness combined, something clicked the day she took her first pole dancing class in March 2012. She found her true passion in life and has been on a dedicated mission to become the best pole dancer and performer she can be. By October ‘12 Linda became an instructor at Boulder Spirals so she could share her passion with others. In March ‘13 she tied for third place in Miss Pole Dance Oklahoma and in September ‘13 she was honored to receive third place in the first Colorado Pole Championships. Linda is currently a finalist in the Professional Division of Miss Texas Pole Star where she will be competing in her first National arena. Linda’s long-term goal is to continue teaching, performing and competing around the country. She is extremely excited to be joining the family at Studio 3sixT and continue sharing her love of pole with new students!




pole dance fitness Studio 3sixT instructor bio…took her first pole class in December 2013. The strength, grace, and artistry required in pole dancing drives Stephanie’s passion to continue learning and translates into her teaching. With a background in yoga and group fitness, she currently teaches flexibility classes, and also teaches a muscle recovery class that is imperative to polers!

Stephanie is a native of Denver and a PhD student at the University of Denver. She teaches undergraduate Communication courses, specializing in interpersonal and family communication. When not working, Stephanie enjoys good books, good food, and good people.




Dance instructor bio…was born and raised in Phoenix where she began dancing at an early age. She trained in a wide variety of styles, loving everything from ballet to acrobatics. In college, Heather branched out from traditional studio training to ballroom and contemporary hip hop. She taught social ballroom throughout her college years and is still always up for a night out of salsa, swing or country dancing!  Heather began taking class with Studio 3sixT in 2012 and instantly fell in love with the charisma, empowerment, and genuineness embodied by this dance family and is so excited to be joining the fun.  Come join her for an hour of sweat-tastic dance warm-ups, conditioning and little taste of fun, sassy choreography.

Outside of dancing, Heather is a Physical Therapist working with a wide range of patients from orthopedics to inpatient rehabilitation.  She loves snowboarding, hiking, cooking with friends, and playing with her 6 month old puppy.



…Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Amber moved to Colorado in 2003.  Falling in love with the mountains, and the fun adventurous outlook on life, she picked up rock climbing, snowboarding, yoga, and much more.  After living in Vail for 7 years, she moved to the city.  With lots of new doors opening, she stumbled onto a new fun venture of pole fitness.  With the background of 10 years of yoga at this point, she fell in love with the new challenge this sport brought to her.  Her inspiration to get stronger, and more flexible grew and grew.  There is nothing better than getting a kick ass work out in a pole class, and seeing your self grow inside and out.








Regina instructor

…Originally from Miami, Florida, Regina grew up dancing ballet and flamenco. She continued to perform through her college years and was involved in dance, cheer, and theater. After starting her career as a makeup artist 11 years ago, she used dance as a form of exercise, stress relief, and her favorite kind of self expression.
After moving to Colorado in 2014, she was invited to a private party at Studio3sixT and discovered her new obsession in pole fitness. Regina will be teaching a fast-paced choreography dance class that will have you feeling sexy, fierce, and confident while getting a great workout!